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FS: 23 mega sample USB PC oscilloscope

Made a couple of these as a development project.
They work very well.
PC USB oscilloscope 23 Million Samples/second single channel.
Time bases { "10uS", "50uS", "250uS", "1mS", "20mS","50mS","250mS" }
Voltage ranges "31mV", "62mV", "125mV", "250mV", "500mV", "1.5V", "1.5V", "1.5V"
Use x10 or x100 scope probe to get much higher voltages.
Single shot and roll display modes.
Analogue and FFT fast fourier transform frequency display.
Positive, negative and no trigger modes.
Save/load traces.
Print traces.
£17-99 plus p+p
p+p is £3-99 to UK and £10-99 to rest of world.

I'd be keen! I'll pm you details.

Is it pretty much just plug and play?

It uses USB HID interface so doesn't need a special USB driver.
Power up pc with it connected and your pc will find it.
Then just run the enclosed pc software.
Click on "display mode" then "Run until escape pressed" and your done.

Regards NIgel
A couple left.