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FS: 2 pcs 10.0uf 100v Duelund VSF Aluminum


2010-11-02 1:31 pm

I have 2 pcs of Duelund VSF Aluminum for sale. These are lightly used and are 10.0uf 100vdc. The VSF Aluminum are a close brother to the VSF Copper in musicality and harmonic development. The aluminum have a little more top end....the copper are extremely relaxed. The aluminum are many times better than Jensen Aluminum PIO, which I also have, so comments from others about aluminum being way worse than copper are simply not accurate, where the VSF are concerned (but are true regarding the Jensens). Duelund caps are all excellent performers....especially musicality.
I bought these direct from Duelund about 7 years ago. I have others but don't need the 10.0 size for my current projects.

The asking price is $179 for the pair of VSF including USPS Priority Mail shipping to US addresses. I will also consider accepting other offers.
I will accept cash, money orders and also Paypal (they will send an invoice to your email address on my behalf, and you can pay by card).
Thanks for considering these.


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