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FS: 2 LM3886 Chipamps

FS: 2 LM3886 Chipamps - $200 each

I have two chipamps for sale. Both are in par-metal clear anodized aluminum cases and feature a pretty standard BOM. One has a plain chamfered hardwood face. The other has the standard 3/16" aluminum face with a green illuminated power button. This one also has slightly less gain than the standard BOM. I'll get pictures up tonight.

Both work perfectly and sound great. Only selling because I've now built myself an F5, Aleph X, and have a couple other amp projects waiting to be completed.

I'm asking $200 each including shipping and paypal. I'm in NorCal (SF) if you want a discount with pickup. I'll discount if you want both to makeup part of a killer HT system.

Thanks for looking!
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Here are the pics:



Notice, the one with the wooden front has a small chip in the top right corner. Also, the power switch for that one is in the IEC on the back.

Otherwise, pretty standard stuff. High quality RCA and 5-way speaker posts. Toroidal transformers rated about 250VA IIRC. If you have any questions, please let me know.