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FS 2 Dynaudio D-28/2 H 28mm Dome Tweeters

Withdrawn from Sale - 2 Dynaudio D-28/2 H 28mm Dome Tweeters

Withdrawn from Sale


I'm selling a NOS pair of ledgendary Dynaudio D-28/2 H 28mm Dome Tweeters. These are brand new in the boxes, never been mounted! These are the 8 ohm versions. $250/Pair. Shipping weight about 5 lbs from 55404.

Here are the data sheets:

http://www.madisound.com/pdf/Dynaudio Driver Catalog.pdf

I remove my ads promptly after selling, so if you see this ad the D-28's are still available for sale.

Please also see my ad for the mating D-54 Midrange drivers.


  • D-28_2H_Top_1 b.jpg
    D-28_2H_Top_1 b.jpg
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  • D-28_2H_Top_2 b.jpg
    D-28_2H_Top_2 b.jpg
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  • D-28_2H_Side b.jpg
    D-28_2H_Side b.jpg
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  • D-28_2H_Back b.jpg
    D-28_2H_Back b.jpg
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  • D-28_2H_Label b.jpg
    D-28_2H_Label b.jpg
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