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FS: 1996 Elector DAC PCB, dual PCM63, OPA627

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Was trying to sort trough 20+ years of DIY audio parts. Found something that could be interesting for others to use.

It's a dual layer PCB from Elektor magazine, probably 1996 around. It's a SPDIF DAC with dual BB PCM63 20 bits R2R DAC chips, grade K. Those are bought by me around 1997. I have the magazine copies (Dutch language...) and the schematics of the DAC.

The design mostly follows the reference designs BB (now TI) put in it the PCM63 datasheet. The DAC runs 32k / 44.1k / 48k, 16 bit SPDIF coax input. It uses a AD844 as I/V and has a DC servo with an OP27. The outputs are OPA627.

I tested the PCB and cleaned it up. It works fine, did some measurements, see pictures. Still impressive performance... Especially for 20 years old technology.

You can use the PCB as it is, just add +/-15V and +5V or can take it apart for the components to use in your own projects. In the pictures the output relays are missing, I can put them in on request.

Price $150+ shipping (est $30, depending on where you are). Payment by PayPal or bank transfer. PM me if interested.


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