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FS: 12 Shielded Woofers / Tweeters


2010-10-30 4:53 am
I purchased these drivers from Parts Express a couple years ago intending to build a line array. These drivers have very friendly response plots, so i suspect they would make good candidates for first time builders such as a high school wood shop.

Will ship anywhere in north America. Ebay auction ends next weekend:
Magnetically Shielded woofers / tweeters - eBay (item 230544064981 end time Nov-07-10 14:59:05 PST)

Lot of 12 Woofers and 12 Tweeters. All drivers have heavy duty magnetic shielding. Drivers originally used in high end home audio designs. Included is an LSP Cad design for audiophile 2 way computer monitors. Measured frequency response data in attached images above.


Parts Express #279125
4 1/4" frame
1" soft dome
Re: 2.97 ohm
Fs: 2081.54 Hz
Qms: 0.88
Qes: 1.68
Qts: 0.58


Parts Express #299708
5 1/4" CAST frame
Polly Cone
Re: 3.62 ohm
Fs: 48.72 Hz
Qms: 3.19
Qes: .49
Qts: .43
Vas: 12.45 l