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FS: 12.5 uF Oil Caps


2007-07-01 1:07 am
ASC oil caps. Most measure 12.2 uF. I have a bunch available. Allied Electronic sells them for $10.63 ea in small quantities. I'll let them go for $4 ea (plus shipping conus only) for as many as you want until I run out. Most are new unused. A few were lightly used in a crossover application that didn't pan out. Never soldered to.

Brand/Series : X387S Series
Capacitance : 12.5 μF
Length : 3.875-0.125⁄+0.063 in.
Length, Lead : 0.5 in. (Max.)
Material, Element : Polypropylene Metallized
Temperature, Operating, Maximum : +70 °C
Temperature, Operating, Minimum : –40 °C
Tolerance : ±10 %
Voltage, Rating : 370 VAC


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