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FS: (1) Scanspeak 18w/4531g (4ohm)

I've got an extra used one I don't need anymore. It shows physical signs of use, but is mechanically just fine. Probably a 7/10 condition wise, but still works just fine. I broke off one of the tabs and soldered my lead directly on. They were in my kicks until last week. Never a problem out of it.

Madisound price is $232+shipping. I'm asking $175 shipped in CONUS.
Email me @ [email protected] if you're interested.

Link to specs:
Madisound » ScanSpeak 18W/4531G 7" Revelator 4 ohm

I'll get pictures up tonight.

- Erin
Pictures and new price of $170 shipped. If you need references, I can provide PLENTY.
You can see where I soldered one of my leads directly to the tab stub, while the other tab is intact.




- Erin