Frugel-Horn XL plans

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Good evening Zman01= yes it is 12PM at home! Well I chose a pair of alpair 10.3 gold for this intriguing box that is the frugel Horn XL. I hesitate With a Pencil case, to get closer to the Sibelius but a priori quite different level of Sonor rendering. So frugel is I think the best choice. And you? what do you have as a pilot and construction? Good day, if any time I have the right time difference!
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Hello zman01,
Sorry for the delay.
I listen to classic, jazz, alternative and indie, hard rock at last everything that sounds good.
What about you?
I just realized my pensil 10, wow! I was very surprised!
I had KEF LS50 and I find that they do not weigh compared to Alpairs 10.3.
I thought the frugel horn had even more bass?
I think I would realize would not be for pleasure the frugel horn xl.

Hello Dave,
I have a question, for the padding of the pensil, just fill the crate or stick it to the walls?
I look ( maybe bad) on the forum but I did not find anything...
Thank you for your feedback!