Frugel-horn XL fe166E


2016-02-07 11:10 am
I just built some FHXL's with fe166e drivers.I used 15mm marine ply with 18mm baffles.They sound ok but there is very little bass.I played with the stuffing but without much success. The speakers are broken in and made plenty of bass in the other boxes. Does anyone have any ideas.

I would have thought that a low q driver like the fe166e in the frugal horn cabinet would need proper corners behind the speakers for the cabinet to behave as designed. As you have found too much stuffing will kill the bass output, so I would carry on experimenting with stuffing and positioning if I was you. The fe126e can be made to work in the normal frugal horn, that is with light stuffing and proper corner position, so I would have thought that a similar strategy for the XL and fe166 should work. Good luck with the experiments.
Agreed -albeit with a caveat WRT amplification. A typical SET has an output impedance of 2.5ohm - 4ohm, artificially raising the effective system Q, so assuming the cabinet isn't over-damped it should be a slightly better match. If you haven't got that, you can try either inserting a power-resistor (say, 3ohms) in series with the driver, or rip out your speaker wire & replace it with a single strand of 30ga magnet wire for each leg & see what you think. Just watch it with the 30ga -it's very fragile, & it will heat up, so keep a beady eye on it until you know how much. There technically are some advantages to a high resistance wire, although they're usually confined to compression-horn systems with close attention given to the connections.
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