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Frugel-Horn Mk3 flat-paks


2018-09-25 11:56 am
FH Lite

Hi to the forum

Main reason for posting : After reading all the pages I thought it would be good to encourage the continuation of this brilliant topic.
I am currently building some FH Lites. Almost completed.
What interests me the most is how much stuffing I should use. Obviously I can experiment with this. But, other people's thoughts would be interesting also.

I have mainly Tube amplification (vintage Fisher) and Vinyl is my thing.
The reason I ended up here is because I recently purchased a Philips AG 9016 amp which struggles to output 4 Watts. If I wore the speakers as if they were headphones I could hear them OK. Then I came across the principle of Folded Horn speakers and thought I'd give it a try.

Be nice to hear if anybody out there in the UK doing the same stuff.

This is an excellent forum. Very pleased I came across it

The damping is fairly well specified in the plans. The damping in the point is fixed but that below the driver on the front is variable based on driver/room/room position, and taste. All things you will have to play with once you are listening to them. Don’t be tempted to fiddle too much until the drivers are broken in.



2018-09-25 11:56 am
Just fired up my Frugel-Horn Lites. Only packed the V sections with stuffing so far.
I didn't expect much as I know these speakers need to be run in and the correct amount of stuffing should be experimented with.
They sound very sweet straight away. My usual speakers are KEF LS50s.
My listening room is quite small and I've always had trouble with bass boom and positioning of speakers has always been critical.
Amplification, if anybody is interested, is The Fisher X-202-B. Source is TD 124, SME 3012 S1, Denon 103R. Gonna try Ortofon SPU tomorrow.
Will post again when speakers are run in. 100 hrs?


2018-09-25 11:56 am
Hi Chris
The drivers are Mark Audio Alpair 5 gen 2. They are dinky little speakers but are sounding really nice already. I'll let you know how they are when I've run them in if you like.
My listening room is quite small. Not sure how they would fare in a larger room.
I have some KEF LS50s which are great speakers. But, certain recordings the bass can be boomy. I've got 8 bass traps (4 of which I made myself). Really need them in my room. They definitely help. The Alpairs don't seem to suffer from any boom thus far. But, as you would expect the bass is quiet. But, well defined.
Thanks for taking an interest.
Regards Jim
I recently brought my first stereo: frugal horns with alpair 7p and a Hiraga Le Monstre 8 watt amp both made by renowned DIYers in India. Yet to make the preamp: Pass b1. I was using volumio OS from my Boss DAC to control the volume digitally (it's always a loss without jumpers). All of a sudden the OS restarted and the initial starting of the OS makes a 2 second sound just like the starting sound of Windows XP. The volume goes by default to 100% and it clipped the drivers. Anything that can be done? I feel so doomed. Volumio OS is full of glitches..