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Frugel-Horn Mk3 flat-paks


2009-01-18 1:37 am
Hello there,
I just want to ask anyone and everyone here if you could please point me out in the right direction. In your professional opinion, what would you believe to be the best full-range speaker project that would play electronic music world trance techno house music? If you have any thoughts at all on this I would really appreciate it. Years ago Dave enameled a pair of fostex 103s and put them in a Zigamahornet cabinet and still have them and love them, Thank you all

But i just sold out the latest batch so a new queue will form.

Turns out Chris made 6 in the batch which makes the above untrue. But i have just now sold the sixth one… 1st flat-pak going overseas (except for a couple where shipping was covered by the US Military).

Not sure when Chris is going to start the next batch.

If the FH3 has FE126 or similar corner loading is needed to maximize bass. With drivers like the A7x (those that also work in reflex enclosures) id corner loaded you will really need to damp down excessive bass, they work fine with just a near wall.

In your situation with different loading for each speaker you may need to damp the corner box more than the one without.

FE127 works fine in the FH3. It is in th esame class as the A7x, needing more damping after/under the driver. I just shipped a flat-pak to a fellow in CA for FE127.

For the FE127e keep in mind that the (unfinished) miniOnken/Fonken planset is available for download free. It was going to be th e1st paid planet, but FE127 was discontinued before i finished. email me for the URL.

Chris has more or less been continually trickling flat-paks to me as he gets time on the CNC. Officially, i have just receieved the baffles for the last of 6 flat-paks in the last “batch”. A new queue has formed. We have lowest priority on the CNC so have to fit the flat-paks into lulls in the regular jobs where Chris works. Typical wait is 6-8 weeks of less… i’d estimate about a third of flat-paks ships from available stock.

If you want a set send me an email.