Frugal Horns


2003-12-03 10:49 pm
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Does it count if I'm drinking my coffee from a South Africa mug, and I've built a pair of Frugal Horns in NYC?
Well, the need for tweeters would depend on the main full driver used - in the case of numerous pairs of the three different models of FH, and two models of tall bifurcated designs I've personally built, almost all of the drivers- Fostex and Mark Audio- have been quite fine to my ears without any help. But then after almost 25yrs of inconsistent adherence to hearing protection protocol in a commercial woodworking shop compounded with general age related loss, I probably have not much acuity for raw test tones in the top octave, and don't know exactly what I'm missing. Of course the same will be true when I'm listening to a $25,000 pair of commercial design in our remaining local high-ish end audio emporium.
Chris, not a Frugel-Horn but Haruna for the FE166.

I have not heard these, but Bernie built a set of Victors. To get bass out of these drivers you need a horn, the Victor certainly supplied that in spades. I did not find the need for a tweeter, but if you have bat ears you may not find it sufficient. A horn is recommended.

The driver does really want a high output impedance amp (we were using a 2A3 SE).