frugal horn vs cornu

Apples and oranges as they say. Cornu has mid bass coloration but is not offensive sounding. Sounds very big - much larger than its size would indicate. I have made a small homage of FH3 using a TC9 and what is about size of FH mini. It sounds very big and has deeper bass for same size driver. Imaging and soundstage on FH mini homage is excellent but not as good on Cornu. If space constrained the Cornu takes up no floor space.
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I agree with X.
I have one pair of FH3 with the MA CHR70. The sound is very natural and the bass extension is good. The cabinet build is straightforward.
I have 3 pairs of the Cornu style with assorted drivers and they are really something. The mid bass can be a little strong but if you build them big enough, it really reduces that concern. They do indeed sound much bigger than you would expect, they certainly do surprise a lot of folks. Whether the sound appeals to you or not is difficult to say. The build is rather involved.
And, IINM, the Cornu is predicated on wall mounting - or near proximity thereto, while the FH series aren't. OTOH, the latter need a bit more depth of floor space than most other floor standing designs for similar sized drivers. So each format has its own placement penalties for the performance delivered.
Much can be said about the advantages of lack of requirement for floor space, but as I found a couple of decades ago with a great little wall-mount 2-way produced by a local hi-if shop, not everyone might have the requisite wall space for such designs to excel - more specifically reasonable symmetry of rear and side walls in relation to a primary listening area. I've heard I think at least two of Cal's builds at our crazy little annual get togethers, but never in what I think would be ideal conditions for them, so I'll reserve final assessment.
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If you are open to ideas on a wall-mount design, xrk971 has a TL design for Alpair 7.3/7P.

IIRC X was using it with the Alp 7.3 metal, whereas one of the other members used the Alp 7P.

Maybe X can confirm?

Yes - A7.3 metal cone on 15in square wall mount MLTL.


IanLenco "rectangularized" it here:

My implementation in foam core: