Front loaded midbass horn for 18sounds 15mb700 ?

The minimum length for a 70Hz horn is about 125cm, with 170cm being more ideal. If you want a straight horn, then you will have to add to these lengths the back chamber. Either way you are looking at something around 2 meters deep. Is this too long for your application? If this is too long than you will have to fold the horn. The mouth will be about 4805cm ^2. To prevent mouth resonate problems you would want to make the mouth 54.5cm X 88cm.


diyAudio Moderator R.I.P.
2005-11-24 1:47 am
I found that 120-150hz is a sensible size for a midbass horn, or ..?

question is, will the horn cut off frequncy also be the -6db xo point ?

the one I built for a 12" have relatively small apperiodic back chamber
its not very big, but still plays more bass than expected