Front horn linear array...


Do you know if such thing exist or is there someone who tried this??? Does this configuration eliminate the comb-filtering??? With a 2meter high array, a 50cm wide horn will be enouth to rich 100Hz... could be ideal for an array made with 3" wide-band speaker like tangband w3-871s or visaton frs-8.

What do you think??


2002-02-06 4:51 pm
It's a viable idea as far as it goes, but it won't do anything to significantly change the comb filter effects. A line of 3" drivers probably wouldn't quite cut it.

However, I'm experimenting with a waveguide loaded set of the Monsoon planar magnetic drivers, and based on this experience I think putting one of the big BG RD50 or RD70 drivers into a waveguide might be a very interesting idea. You certainly need a fair bit of EQ to make this work, but the controlled directivity and somewhat better loading down low should be worth it in the right environment.

The big problem with this is what to use for LF. Even waveguided, the planars wont go much below 300 or so, so it's a bit of a dilema as your bass solution would ideally be a line-array arrangement as well. BTW - remember that both the depth of the horn as well as the mouth area affect the low-frequency loading. To really get support down to 100 Hz, you'd need a fairly deep horn - 30" or more