Front firing passive radiator vs rear firing passive. Polk sda speakers

Looking to transplant sda 2b drivers into a smaller box
Polk made sda-crs+ speakers with rear mounted passive radiator
And sda 2b (same components , cross overs, drivers, tweeters) except sda 2b had front firing 12" passive radiators. Sda-crs+ had rear firing smaller 10" passive radiator

Specs and images are below
SDA Speaker Identification

I've read somewhere rear mounted radiators are more dinamic and have better synergy. In other places they said rear passive radiators are placement sensitive

What are pros and cons of front and rear mounted passive rsdiators
Thanks for this feedback. Rear mount will also help.the speaker be more compact.
Would front mount in theory help with more accurate bass reproduction /imaging? Or those low frequencies sort of become not very directional .
I have a 15" subwoofer. So don't really need tons of bass. I like forwardness and mid-range of these speakers.

Also would creating an enclosure around tweeter theoretically help tweeter performance. I noticed some manufacturers mount the tweeter separately from mid-range and bass drivers. Bowers and Wilkins higher end models.
B&W Mount the tweeters that way for looks and mostly for time alignment and helps with making the crossovers
You can mount a tweeter on a movable mount and tilt and move it back and fourth for different sound. And you also don’t have to worry about the sound bouncing off of a motor board. A more and wider dispersion for off axis sound