From where purchase mosfets? 50-100pcs

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Hey guys, i want to purchase a few 50-100 mosfets to match and build some amps.

Someone know some good place to purchase it that ship internationaly?

Will be great some place like HK, indonesia or China (trying to avoid fake ones) because they have nice shipping fees!

Maybe looking for IRFP240/9240 or 2SK1530 and 2SJ201 or similar, really dont know wich design to build, but want at least found some source to purchase it :)
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For Audio, Vertical Mosfets IRFP240/9240 are almost the only complementary types pair available now. Others like 2SK1530 2SJ201 are obsolete. Of course, there are always plenty of Asian fakes available for any obsolete parts, if you like taking bad risks.

For large quantities like 100 power transistors, Industry Agencies like Arrow in Argentina will have stock of parts like IRFP240 etc at good prices:
well, arrow argentina is really really bad, i really dont understand what they do. I asked for a few components for example...

1 pc in arrow USA cost 1USD
1 pc in arrow Argentina cost 2USD

But they dont have it in stock, they order from USA and arrive to my house. i need to pay 2USD each one and they order it from USA and i need to pay taxes and shipping....

so if i purchase 100 units directly from USA i spend 100 USD in components + Shipping + custom taxes
but if i purchase 100 units from arrow argentina cost me 200 USD + Shipping + custom taxes

100% more expensive

It takes a distributor as many manhours to order 1 parts as it does 100 parts. Same with sweating a box through shipper and customs. So onesies, there is usually a handling charge added to the each price. Order at $50, the handling charge usually goes away. Order 100's of something there is usually a discount. This is usually on the website, it is hard to find out this stuff over the phone when you call in for 1 part.
Usually a whole BOM quote gets more respect.
Try Farnell, last I checked they were handling IR, Fairchild, ST, also Alfet laterals ALF08 etc clones of those mythical hitachi lateral fets. . In the US they have a $25 charge for ordering any number of lines out of UK stock - maybe they are as good in AGN. In the US Arrow doesn't cater to diy guys.
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