Fritz Carbon 7

OK boyz ..... I'm sorta puzzled ;

there it is Fritz Carbon 7 Technical Specifications

as written :

Series crossover without any capacitors in the circuit with the tweeter

I'm fine with series xover , but "without any cap in circ with tweet " ??

anyone having more info ?

I'm not trying to clone da box , just trying to understand and help one local DiyA, who is going to make 3-way spks and stumbled at that page ....
It's probably an Acoustic Reality xover, and the company does not see the cap in the woofer leg as in series with the tweeter. Fact is- everything is in series in a series xover.

Now the other option is to not have a cap at all, but this will greatly decrease sensitivity in the design, and the resistor will have to be of a very high power variety. My guess is that they could not reliably sell a speaker in this configuration.