frequency range response query


Does a cd player has anything to do with the frequency response, does the frequency response only deals with the kind of headphone we are using.

My situation is, I have got MDR-v600 SONY headphones with a frequency range from 5hz to 30000khz and I want to buy a portabl cd player which can handle that. Does any will do?

Dont know why no could be bothered to reply to your question, its fairly straight forward.

The frequency response of your headphones is good, if it is a true response that is. Many specs are just hyped up to sell the product.

If the response is accurate then most cd players will give good sound thorugh the headphones.

The output device such as the headphones will only pass on the sound info that it receives, the headphones require a similar or wider response than the source (cd player). If the player has a wide response and the headphones dont then you will not hear all the musical information as some will be surpressed due to a lack of ability from the headphones to respond.

Why not take your favourite tracks and headphones with you shopping and try them out, listening is way better than reading the spec sheets.

Hope this helps.