french DIY amps

Create by JM plantefeve, this amp has very good sonic and the schematic is very simple.

Maximum value +- 65V give more 170W RMS in 8Ohms.


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THD+noise < 0.05%.
Quiescent current is 200 mA per transistor, 400 mA for this circuit like precised Kilowatt.
With 2*20 000µF by chanel, it's a good supply.

If you make this amplifier some modification should be add in a target to not have problems with the FETs input stage.

With this diagram, if it uses with CD player, you don't really need

Add 470 Ohms resistor in serial with input, make an inductor about 1µH at the output. (10 turns).
BUZ 900 and 905 (DP always) have not same Crss, capacitor
between gate and drain, so a 39pF should be add between gate and drain of each BUZ 900DP (Ntype).

More, 2N.... are mounting with 50°C/w dissipator (or less of course).

Two last word concerning ELEKTOR amps. They are good amps but the sound is not as soon as good like they electrical features.
I talk about Hexfet 60, nonante and the discret. Otherwise, the LFA 150 is very very good.


Special thanks to Sear Pass.