Free XO optimising software?

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Hi people!

I'm a DIY loudspeaker n00b looking for free (or very cheap) crossover design software, something along the lines of CALSOD. Any suggestions? Links? Info?

I'm building some vented 2-way floorstanders with Jaycar (Aus designed) 6.5" polycone mid/woofers and 1" Vifa tweeters. I've been reading Dickason's loudspeaker design cookbook and now have some idea regarding crossover design but i don't really feel confident enough to design them myself. I'm shooting for reasonable bass and good imaging, mainly for 2 channel, alt-rock, metal and electronic music use.

I'm fairly happy about what i'm going to do about the cabinet, but i get the feeling that XO design is the real art of loudspeaker design, so i'm basically after all the info i can get. Books are good, but real people are better...

Thanks in advance...
As for commercial software, the Australian-made SoundEasy is probably the best value for money right now. It may not be cheap (at US$250), but it the best and most feature-rich in its price range. But wait for Ver. 6, which will add T/S extraction, distortion, motor and suspension non-linearity extraction etc. as well as enhancements to its existing electrical and acoustical measurement system.



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SoundEasy is a POS, plain and simple. Powerfull, but the interface is absolutely terrible. I purchased SE V4, even though others told me it would be a mistake. I gave it a serious try and I have to say AutoCAD is easier to use! Anyway, buy anything else but SE.

koen, D25AG-35s have been described as too zippy, bright or in your face :D But you won't be disapointed if you've been used to the sound of metal tweeters. Consider the XT25TG30-04 as well. It has a nice flat response down to <1kHz, which helps your mid/woofer a bit by not having to cross too high into its breakup region. 2kHz+ would be a good start, but that's just looking at the datasheet. Someone with actual experience with the drivers will have to take over from here :) Andy G. has worked with the above-mentioned drivers as well as some Jaycar units :)

Rob, I'd rather figure out SE than SW :D
I agree that SE's interface could use some rearranging, but it seems to be what tinkerers and engineers prefer or at least they're fine with it :) Windows LEAP, now that's one package I'm eager to see. All that talk about needing a killer PC to realize its full potential has got me thinking what the new version can do.

That's what i'm worried about - the speakers being too 'bright' - but the low Fs sold me, i'd read that you could cross these quiet low (~1800Hz) with good results. The mids i'll be using aren't great, so...

I suppose that if they're irritatingly bright i could add some high frequency attenuation to 'dull' the top end response, yeah?
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