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free xbox 360 elite or wii for your DIY projector!

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K so check this out. I just made a nice projector using a da-lite classic projector screen, a smartview 3600 projection panel, and a EIKI OHP and was looking for a nice system to use with it, possibly even a wii on the 77" screen. Well, while browsing the internet like a computer technician (geek) does, I found an audio clip from a news show that discussed the latest pop-ups that claim you can "get a free wii" or "get a free xbox 360".

Pretty much what they said was that they are all bogus aside from one company that offers all of the main items yet doesn't advertise except through word of mouth.

What you need to do to get the items is go to the website, register, complete one offer (the stamps.com offer is free and gives you 5 dollars in postage) then refer friends to do the same. 5 referrals for the WII, 9 referrals for an Xbox 360 Elite

Free WII link:http://www.YourNintendoWii4Free.com/index.php?ref=4755358

Free 360 elite: http://www.360Elite4free.com/index.php?ref=4755276

I totally didn't believe any of this until my friend pulled out his ipod touch, psp, and wii that he already got from the site.

i'm just saying, type it into google "360elite4free.com scam". The results speak for themselves.

At the very worst, open a new email through gmail, yahoo, or hotmail, if you're afraid of the spam, then try it out. The "stamps.com" offer requires no money and is verified by the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE. They PAY you $5 in postage to try out their new "postage at home" software.

It never hurts to try.

OK so I went through the signup process using bogus info just for grins. So which of the advertisers selling junk you don't need did you sign up for? Was it the book of the month club or the baby Einstein books or maybe the at home facial wrinkle remover.

Yeah, you can get "free" stuff from those sights, but only if you proselytize yourself to the marketing monster that keeps taking money from the ignorant with false advertising and selling off shore junk at top dollar prices. I'm sorry but I wouldn't link my name and reputation to that stuff for a game system.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.