Free Vinyl Giveaway - UPDATE - Steve Vai

Vinyl Giveaway #1 (Soundstage Direct) Steve Vai & Ray Lamontagne - Sept. 19th


Had a couple bad pressings of an LP, and EXCELLENT customer service from Soundstage Direct to rectify Sony/RCA's problem. I'm going to partner with them on my blog to do a weekly vinyl record giveaway, and I'll be cross-posting here where the good karma always is found in excess; you all deserve it.

Steve Vai, Where the Wild Things Are
On Colored Vinyl - 1 Red, 1 Blue Record. 180g Vinyl.

Where The Wild Things Are features select tracks from Steve Vai's concert at the State Theater in Minneapolis, MN during his recent Sound Theories Tour. Vai assembled a world-class group of musicians for the occasion, unlike any other band in his storied musical history.

I don't have a lot of followers or readers on my blog, and I just geek out on my blog archiving HiFi oddities, interesting videos or links, and digital audio experiments (which I hope to do a lot more of - including component shootouts with local HiFi club). It would be easier if people entered on the blog with a comment but I won't make that mandatory - it would just help to organize the weekly drawing (and I work full time with two kids and a working audio-nut friendly wife). You don't have to subscribe to the blog but hey that would be cool too!

[IMGDEAD][/IMGDEAD]Also up for grabs is a 45, a promo 45RPM release for Ray Lamontagne's new album God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise. These are two tracks from this excellent album issued by RCA Sony in 2010. I can give it a cleaning on the Nitty Gritty for you, but it will be unplayed. I have however heard these songs from the LP release.

Will use a random # generator after assigning each entrant a #.

LP Giveaway Rules:

Must be in the States.
You can post here, but please try to post in the comments section of the blog post "I'm in, and I'm listening to ......"