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FREE: Two LM1875 power amp modules (Australia)

Time for some more surplus to go and have two LM1875 power amp modules to give away. These are the ones shown in the eBay mono LM1875 kit thread.
eBay mono LM1875 kit

They have been built using the eBay PCB but all components used are genuine items and not those supplied with the kit (TI LM1875 chip, Nichicon caps etc). DC offset for both is less than 2mV. They are mounted on 2.5°C/W heatsinks that have M3 tapped holes for mounting and grounding. Underside of the PCB have been coated with PCB lacquer.

For 8 ohm speakers use 18-0-18 50-80VA transformer and 15-0-15 50-80VA for lower impedance speakers and 2 x 4700uF caps are ample in the power supply. For reference on this type of amp, look at ESP Project 72.

More info on these modules can be seen in the thread at:
eBay mono LM1875 kit
eBay mono LM1875 kit

I will cover postage in Australia.


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