free or cheap Simulator software (Tubes)

hey guys sorry to bump such an oldie. the download doesnt seem to be working for me. the PSpice thing just shows up as code in my web browser. Am I doing something wrong?
Not sure what "PSpice thing" you are referring to. The direct download link for LTSpice is . I think it's an executable installer file ("*.exe " extension), that you save to someplace convenient, and then run it to do the actual installation. There are links to a getting started guide and other useful downloads at

Perhaps the best place to get answers to this, and other questions about using LTSpice is the LTSpice Yahoo User's Group at . Please respect the group members' time by trying to find an answer in the existing discussion threads, or the "Files" section, especially the "FAQ" and "Tut" folders, before starting a new thread. You will find vacuum tube models in the Files section.