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FREE local pickup in Silicon Valley: broken JVC 4VR-5456X quad receiver

The first receiver I was giving away ended up in a good home, so let's try this again!

I have a JVC 4VR-5456X which powers up and produces some sound sourced from the aux input but the output is overlayed with a lot of white noise. The tuner shows signal strength, but neither AM nor FM seem to work. Cosmetically it is in decent condition. I tried to give it away on quadraphonicquad.com (since it is a quad receiver) but got no takers. Apparently you can bridge the quad sections to get stereo output with more power. It's pretty heavy, so there must be some beefy transformers and such in there.

I'm happy to give it to someone who'd enjoy repairing it or otherwise making use of it. Otherwise off to Goodwill it goes (no guilt :))