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Free Karlson K-15 enclosure and others

I am moving to Miami from Valencia, Ca (Los Angeles). I have a few speaker enclosures that I use for testing that I am offering for free, just come pick them up. One is a raw K-15.

Also have two open back boxes that I was using to test an Open baffle setup. Hole is for a 15 inch driver.

Also have a pair of smaller MDF BR cabinets for a 12 inch driver. No pictures.

Also have the cabinets of a pair of vintage lafayette speakers with walnut wood veneer.

If someone is interested, please PM. Don't really want to toss them.



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2005-08-16 4:21 pm
K15 with an adapter plate to fit two 3" ID pvc elbows over its rectangular vent hole and say a spare Altec 416 will make a very articulate sounding subwoofer - one wants a low moving mass/low qts/low fs driver, some boost can be added in the 30Hz region. Otherwise, that K15 would make a wonderful mono speaker or a bass guitar cabinet.