Free Cartridge Alignment Tool + Speed Discs

Hi Everyone,

Was e-mailing a friend who was having troubles aligning his turntable's cartridge and realized it has been a long, long time since i posted about the free cartridge alignment tool and free platter speed discs. He is active on a few discussion boards and guess it is time for a friendly reminder of the free stuff on the site. Hope posting this is ok?
There was a post a few months back that be worthwhile to post again for the Michael Fremer 21st Century Vinyl guide to turntable set-up. This is a rentable video

There are some embeded PDF files that you need to dig out from the opening menu that illustrate turntable and cartridge set-up.

Thanks for the above link enjoythemusic1!



2003-01-18 7:57 am
Near London. UK
Pjotr said:
Just to mention, note that the 45 rpm @ 50 Hz strobe disk has 133 lines. Using this for checking speed gives you 45.11 rpm. Not a major issue and the commercial strobe disks have the same error.

Actually, it's not an error. In 60Hz countries, "45" really is 45, for exactly the strobe reasons you point out. The standard in 50Hz countries is that "45" is actually 45.11. Presumably, you weren't expected to break the publishing oligopoly's regional divisions (does this sound familiar?) by importing USA 45s into the UK or vice versa. Besides, nobody is going to hear a 0.24% error and only a crystal-based strobe would show it; mains frequency (specified to be +/- 1%) certainly wouldn't.