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FREE audio junkbox FREE FREE


2004-03-27 1:35 pm
New York
I'm doing a lot less building these days, so it's time to clear out the audio junkbox. LOTS of valuable stuff here for the (mostly) tube DIY hound: old projects, projects half-cannibalized, projects half-completed, parts for projects never started. Good quality used resistors (riken, allen bradley), capacitors (Cerafine, russian PIO, film), jacks, plugs, switches, chokes, quality tube sockets, wire and cable, assorted old vacuum tubes, two Hammond 11x17 aluminum project boxes used but reusable, standoffs, hardware, ferrites, potentiometers, rheostats, knobs, terminal strips, aluminum and copper plates for chassis, more more more. About 50lbs shipping weight. You pay shipping via UPS ground from New York 13411, otherwise it's FREE to any worthy weekend DIY mad scientist. Contact: [email protected]