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free audio gear, woofer blowout, near York PA

Clearing out storage. Every RCA cable and adapter cable known to man NIB (decent quality, free). A bunch of free totally functional 2a3 and I think 12au7 and similar tubes. Some Alon black cat speaker cable that originally went for several hundred(free). Several feet of Canare4s. Couple small amplifiers (free) Also panasonic sa-xr57 - class D receiver, sounds nice, just needs power cord (free). Banana's resistors, some caps, all unused. Also have high end woofers I'm clearing out.

12ps32 ($200 at PE, $100 each) new
7 Tangband w4-1320 woofers - NIB $30 ea (3 remain)
DIYMA12 subwoofer (what a beast) $100
2 B&C 15" 15nld76 woofers NIB $125 ea
DE45 compression drivers $50 (ea)
Usher 1001 10" woofers (4) ($75)
SOLD behringer ultracurve pro 2496 equalizers (2) unused $100 ea

all of this is 50%+ off and items are new.


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Thank you for the replies. The tubes are likely worth shipping (for free), but was hoping for local pickup on cables and small amps etc.

I will consider all responses received by tonight and come up with an allocation that makes the most people happy.

Oh yeah - just found a twisted pair USB dac, sounds nice, free.
updated ad, as various items have sold.

I understand that everyone would like a couple hundred $ of free tubes, but holding out for local pickup.... although those those people keep flaking.

The people holding this huge stash for me aren't up for shipping out a bunch of the small parts, sorry. Obviously if you can pick up, it's all yours.