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Free 6.5in 2 way cabinets in rosewood veneer

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I have 3 pairs of new prototype speaker cabinets finished in rosewood veneer. These were samples made by a vendor that we decided not to go with for a commercial speaker.

Cabinets are 22cm W x 40cm H x 33cm deep.

145mm dia woofer cutout with 175mm dia bezel rebate.

Tweeter cutout for bezel is 66mm W x 88mm H.

Passive radiator bezel is 123mm W x 198mm H.

Binding post panel bezel is 85mm W x 123mm H.

You are on your own for finding drivers and passive radiators as they were custom or OEM. However, someone with a jigsaw can easily cut the tweeter hole to fit a standard ribbon or dome. The woofer is pretty standard and bezel from RS180 should fit.

Cabinet is 18mm MDF on all sides but front is 36mm thick. Deep bevels for reduced diffraction.

Snap on cloth grills included. The veneer has some surface blemishes - not perfect but not a bad looking speaker for casual home use.

Local pickup only please. Northern Virginia / Metro Wash. DC area.

Send me a PM if you are interested. All 3 pairs available for grabs.





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