Frankenstein NGNFB Amp

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I will try to design a NGNFB amp with an OPS with no EC, as this is also a kind of NFB. I would like not to use negative feedback except local degeneration.
I chose IPS(input stage) a current conveyor very similar as in GainWire mk2 but with higher gain of about 32 dB. Characteristic I like about current conveyor is that the gain is defined with resistors only. The volume control is at the output of the current conveyor. In this case SNR is always the same independent of the volume settings. Disadvantage is that distortion is the same on all volume settings(for IPS only).
First OPS I choose is non switching design by Edmond Stuard. Interesting thing about that OPS is the same THD on almost all levels, it drops only below 1 - 2 W on output. I expect some more ideas for OPS, preferable Class B(AB).


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What is the reason to design and build and amp with 32dB and more gain heaving the preamp with at least 6dB gain.
I would prefer to see the amp with twice lower voltage gain to siut YouTube Gain Wire preamp

If you read carefully what I wrote in first post you will see volume control inside IPS, P1. Here no preamplifier is needed, GainWire mk2 is practically inside the IPS, that's way I choose the gain of 32 dB.
What is YouTube Gain Wire preamp?
Ok, but if the preamp has 15dB gain ??

You don't need a preamp with this one, it has enough gain.
The volume control as implemented here keep SNR of the amp equal for all output levels. As level is going down, noise is going down too, this is how current conveyor is working when the gain is going down by decreasing current conveyor output resistor, P1 in this amp. I hope that is clear now.
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