FR on wide-baffle (OB/IB)


2011-12-23 12:54 pm
So, I've purchased the Dayton PS220-8's from Jeff in the 'Parts Swap' section and am playing around with some simple/cheap ideas for the bedroom - and of course not intrusive - very very high WAF!

So I thought about this - place both on an 3'Hx6'W panel and set it onto the dresser and lean onto the wall? Just curious as what the response would look like. With only small openings on the side - I would assume an almost IB response with exception to the bass region.

Plans are to buy some insulation sheating for cheap (<$10) and experiment.



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You will always learn something from experimenting.

You probably will not get much bass. The driver has a qts of .3 and will not produce much bass in about any open baffle without equalization. The closeness of the wall to the back of the driver may cause some issues as well. You could use sound absorbing material behind the driver and go for a cardiod type setup.

If I had this driver I would probably put it in a MLTL enclosure.

Look at this build article.
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