FQA28N15 & 36P15 Subs?

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Hello Guys,

I have a Rockford amp that I am repairing. It uses a pair of FQA28N15 and FQA36P15 on the outputs (Shorted). I cant seem to find these anywhere. Futureelectronics, Mouser, Digikey, quest, octoparts. Nowhere. Not even ebay! :eek: Does anyone have any suggestions on a good substitute for the transistors.
I need subs for these as well. I got 2 rockfords down with the SAME issue.

newark had the 28N15 but i cannot find the 36N15s and the lead time is outrageous.

the IRFP9140 and IRFP140 might sub in, but the voltage is much less and the current is also less on the P-channel fet.
From what I was told (and read somewhere - can't remember where at the moment), when the recession started, semiconductor manufacturers scaled back thinking that the demand would drop significantly but it didn't so the stock dried up quickly. Now they're scrambling to catch up. Maybe 1moreamp could give a more definitive answer since he has some contacts in the semiconductor industry.
It also comes down to manufacturers only building what is called for. Distributers don't want to carry excess stock, money tied up in stock doesn't look good for the bottom line.
Companies are following the "just in time" philosophy, meaning bring in only what is needed and when it is needed. Of course this becomes a serious issue when failures happen and you have no extra components to finish the build.....

Speaking from experience here, deal with it everyday. It is for most components now days not just semiconductors.

Back to fixing stuff.... :)
To my limited knowledge no one is building anything at a production level in the US , so the raw part supplies are where the manufacturing is, most likely Asia.
Most of the raw devices we all need are made over there to begin with, and now that pretty much everything else is assembled over there also, there is a very low demand for raw parts inside the US.
All the eggs are in one basket and that basket is overseas. And with US raw parts suppliers watching their bottom line so tightly I would not expect inventories inside the US to come back anytime soon. Plus anything they decide to sell they can get drop shipped over night air freight to a customer of volume importance.:( No inventory overhead at all for the shrinking US market place.
I myself could not find any US inventory of 718 & 688 outputs a while back to repair a beat up old Audiobahn amp. China has them for $3.00 each, they use to be 55 cents to $1.25 each here in the US.
So to quote a famous president that helped make this happen " I feel your pain ";)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.