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Four O-Netics 6BQ5 8K PP OPTs

I have four O-Netics standard grade 8K 15W push-pull transformers. I measured the primary windings of each with a meter (brown, white, and light blue wires) and verified that each half of the primary is a consistent 45 ohms or so. All the secondary wires on each transformer show the appropriate continuity, and I don't see any primary to secondary shorts on any of these. Three of these look like they have been used for some purpose and one looks to be new and unused. Due to the age of these transformers, there is a bit of surface corrosion on the covers and a bit on the stack, but nothing that couldn't be cleaned off prior to a fresh coat of paint.

Asking $500 shipped CONUS.

Give me a PM - I may take them off yr hands. Given the price of what other people are charging for their iron these days, the price is a bargain for 4 XFMRS. I don't mind giving them a bit of touch-up paint - I do that to old iron all the time, unless I hide the XFMRS below decks.
If you PM me, I'll give you an addy where you can send a Paypal invoice. Shipping zip code is 95138.
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