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Four Hypex Ncore NC400 mono blocks, sell in pairs

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For Sale
Hypex Ncore NC400 + SMPS600 Mono Blocks
$1725/pr Paypal, $1675/pr direct deposit​

200/400/600W @ 8/4/2 Ohms @ 1/3rd duty cycle, rated safe operation down to 1 Ohm load (stereo amp/single SMPS600 safe only to 2 Ohms)
Assembled By Full Time AV-Music Industry Professional
Four mono blocks for sale in pairs
Seller has discounted commercial shipping account: Add for actual shipping + insurance cost. Ship anywhere in the world: email your full street address including city, state (nation), and postal code and I’ll return exact shipping/insurance fee, which appears on the label.
Professionally packed: separate carton per amp, two amps per outer carton

Itemized actual expenses per mono block, Ncore prices 26 February 2013:
NC400, power amp module, round PCB: 325EU
SMPS600: switching mode power supply yields 600W @ 2 Ohms, rectangular PCB: 180EU
Subtotal above: 505EU
Currency conversion 26 February 2013: $659.93USD
USA customs duty + 4.9% = $692.27
Hypex Paypal + 4% = $26.40
Netherlands to USA shipping: $9.01
Chassis mono block, all holes and threads precision CNC machined, gold Ncore face plate laser cut, includes shipping from China…includes IEC receptacle, fasteners, and rubber feet, $2000 20-piece Minimum Order Quantity: $100
Two large gold plated metal binding posts, large bare wire holes, large plastic color-coded knurled knobs: $6
XLR Neutrik, female chassis mount, gold plated pins: $3
Each total above $836.68
Stereo pair above x2: $1673.36

Net weight certified scale each: 5 lbs 1.9 oz
Seller is original owner and maker and amps continuously in his personal possession, amps continuously worked flawlessly, OEM fuse never removed, never serviced for any reason, absolutely stock OEM, absolutely no modifications ever, absolutely never any untoward noises, continuously powered since new. Chassis and power supply both properly and securely grounded to mains earth. XLR input only, per Hypex instructions.
Stan Warren recipe cables for sale, price negotiable, three each, lengths vary…Quasi-balanced interconnects for unbalanced source per Hypex instructions: Neutrik RCA plugs/gold pins, Neutrik XLR plugs/gold pins.
Notes, no functional effect, result of chassis maker, see images: XLR jack approximately 40-degrees counter-clockwise from vertical. Rubber footers protrude 3mm beyond side panels.
Seller's next speaker is 16 Ohms, has high sensitivity, and employs only above 80 Hz, ideally suited for low current, low voltage amp. For typical speaker, especially full range, seller still loves and recommends Ncore NC400.






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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.