Found an old Fluke 8030A...

What would you do with an old Fluke 8030A in my place?

  • Keep it as it is and display it as a museum item as it's not worth using anymore

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  • Restore it (as above) + have it recalibrated for everyday "workhorse" use

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I have a pair of Fluke 8040A meters. These are 4 1/2 digit models, where the 8030A are 3 1/2 digit models. They are not dedicated bench meters, as they can run on a wall adaptor, C-size rechargeables, or even regular alkalines with reduced runtimes. They are in my "to do" pile and they will be restored to full service as soon as the time becomes available. They are great little meters, and with a bit of care and skill, are easily repaired & recalibrated. Lots of videos and threads available. And once you get used to that big, bright display....:)


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