FOStex PS-3.1 sub/sat ills

Hello. I bought this "kit" Fostex PS-3.1.jpg thru a Craigslist ad from a schoolteacher musician. It is in excellent condition. I'm seeking some suggestions on how to clean up the sound as it is perceived by me. I have other FOStex products that sound much clearer. I have not found any technical specs other than a sales ad. I have not removed the back of the subwoofer cabinet. How can I explain what I don't hear? My boat ain't floatin'. My totem pole needs artifyin'. I got no toe tappin'. Can someone please chime in? Thank You, civil6
I get the impression that the 1st two respondents did not work for FOSTEX or ELYTONE as crossover electrical engineers. I'm certain the crosstalk can be remedied. The terminal cup crossover network is from ELYTONE. It/they could be in need of repair or replacement. I haven't removed the sub. rear cover w/ amps etc. Chip amps are used extensively in audio, pro audio, studios, photo, etc...I imagine just about everywhere. Low output chip amps don't equate to poor sound. Likewise, a 5 1/2" driver can go as low as 150Hz. Anybody ELSE wanna "chip" in? Oh, I just had my hearing tested @ the Hines VA hospital in suburban Chicago. It's in good enuff shape for my brain to decode what it hears.
To Chris661...

Thank You. I bought this system from a music teacher. She was using it at home connected to a Hammond organ. It sounded OK. I have tried it with LP, CD, and audio cassette media, and heard always the same sound. The satellites sound dull, not lively in any treble sense. The amp plays music plenty loud enough to drive the sub and the sats, but the overall presentation is not very engaging. The rotary controls on the sub rear are: (1) volume control & (2) bass control.