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Fostex PS-3.1 - 2.1 monitors w/full range drivers

Hi, I'm selling my set of fostex ps-3.1 monitors. This 2.1 set-up uses two 3" fostex full range drivers for the satellites and a 5.25" driver for the subwoofer. Fostex made this set-up for recording studios, its now discontinued.They sound really great. Price is 150 shipped in the US for international shipping contact me for quote.


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The PS-3.1 offers a complete 2-way monitoring solution, combining one 5-1/4" bass reflex subwoofer and a pair of matching shielded satellite speakers with 3" full-range drivers in a compact, affordable package. The subwoofer contains its own 15 watt power amplifier, a crossover network, and two 5 watt power amplifiers for powering the satellite speakers—making the PS-3.1 a self-contained system that fits nearly any studio application without the need for external amplification. Satellite dimensions are 7-1/4"H x 6-9/16"D x 4-11/16"W, weight 3lbs 7oz each. Subwoofer 10"H x 11-1/4"D x 8-1/4"W, weight 14 lbs.

• One 5-1/4" bass reflex subwoofer with 15 watt power amplifier
• 2 shielded satellite speakers with 3" full-range drivers with 5 watt power amplifiers
• Crossover network
• System response 80Hz-20kHz.