Fostex F200A, the real story.


2007-03-18 9:22 am
Are they actually worth it?
They are talked about as a good fullrange driver, yet when I search the forum they are usually just mentioned in passing and I find many advertisements for people selling theirs.

Apparently the Fostex plots are all lies, how good are these drivers in the midrange and treble?

The poor efficiency means you need proper power to drive these, whatever might be saved on tweeters and crossovers is quickly burnt up in the larger amplifier.


2006-04-04 11:24 am
OzMikeH said:
Are they actually worth it?

Apparently the Fostex plots are all lies, .......

Is this yr conclusion? Did you check their plot?


At AUD$600 each it is in the same price range as Feastex or Supravox full range, does it sound good? I don't know. To those who can afford them best of luck.

I have the cheaper model FE167E, they are not bad for the price.


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2004-06-07 8:25 pm
Brooklyn Park, MN
I've only heard them once, in a very poorly desiged TL being used with a ribbon tweeter. The F200 was being run full range, and the ribbon tweeter was used with only a cap if I recall correctly.

If you look at the freq response in the F200 data sheet, there's a sizable peak around 6k. It's gotta be worse than shown, because these things SCREAM at you. Either that, or the pair that I heard had the ribbon crossed over way too low (this is completely possible from what I heard). I read that Derek Walton built a pair of BR speakers with them with no tweeter and they were quickly sold because of the nasty treble. Details are on his site if it's still around.

The sad thing is that these drivers sounded awesome below that peak. The midrange and bass were nothing short of spectacular. In a better design with the F200's treble steeply rolled off just before that peak coupled to a ribbon tweeter (with the right size cap) that combination could sound amazingly good. But that peak's gotta go, or forget it.



2007-03-18 9:22 am
Ttan 98, you haven't looked at the price of the feastrex have you? the 9 incher is around $3000. I can't remember exactly, I was in shock at the time.

So it needs a ribbon capable of XO at 5k then. That means we're looking at around $2k in drivers for a stereo pair plus crossovers. (probably active)

There are probably better options for that money with greater efficiency too.

Thanks for the tips guys. I don't think these will suit me. For such a big Buck I expected more Bang.
I'm looking for something with better upper midrange to replace my FE207E, these looked like a drop-in replacement.
I second BHD,

they are a spectacular extended midrange/midbass, but then, i never liked the treble of big fullrange drivers (even if i like smaller fr-drivers)...

so the combination of the f200a and a good tweeter should be a real winner. fostex recomends the f90a or better.

in the right cabinet they do play loud!

OzMikeH said:
]I was thinking little EnABL kits would be a good seller. A couple of little bottles of paint rolled up in some printouts.

It is only a matter of time (i hope to have a helper in the new year). Right now i'm just picking stuff up retail and just adding a handling charge... when i get a chance to pursue i'll start buying in wholesale quantity, and will be able to add a bit of profit.

The annoying thing is I gave away a set of 6 rotring rapidograph pens about 12 months ago.

I did too, but have found the small calligraphy tips (#22, 56, 66 so far, with 56 being a workhorse) to be more effective and a LOT cheaper.

For the 207 you will need A3, A5, & #56 (or close). I've just come up with a new template for a 206/207 sans dustcap that makes doing the inner rings much easier.

OzMikeH said:
Off to Ebay for some calligraphy pens then...
Thanks for the tips dave.

I can get calligraphy pens too... the best holder i've found comes in a pack with 5 not too useful tips -- a full set of tips, handles, and 1 colour Polly Scale + 1 bottle gloss would come in at around $30 when i round things up to the nearest dollar. Keep care of your tips and you probably have enuff stuff to do 10-30 8" or smaller drivers.

Over a couple of years with the F200a, I struggled to find the right amp. Yes, they can be a bit bright. I can't say I've so much liked them with gainclones or T-amps. But with a tube amp, they can be wonderful, even in the treble. There is something magical about them: so quick and clear with the nuances. I now love them, more than any other Fostex I've heard, such as a couple of the Fostex E Sigmas range. These and the Jordan JX92s are the two faves of many a fullrange driver I've played.