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fostex 206e's WANTED

I have a pair of the Decware modified FE206E drivers. Decware sells them for $300/pair. I'd let them go for $180/pr. I had planned on building the HDT speakers using them, but then ended up buying a pair already built, hence the extra drivers. They are already broken in as I was using them in open baffles with Decware 5 watt amplifier. Perfect condition. Btw, the phase plug makes a significant improvement in the treble over the stock FE206E. The driver will work great in a back horn cabinet.

From the Decware site...

"The modifications to the FE206E include damping the frame, applying a special ink to the banana fiber cone, removing the dust cap, and installing a very unique phase plug that is made of steel and bonded to the pole piece of the magnet. This changes the shape of the magnetic flux in the voice coil gap which alters the Thiel & Small parameters and obviously the sound of the driver. Before the modifications the driver while good, had some problems with beaming and sounded somewhat dry."