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Fostex 166 metronome - Dahlquist DQ-16

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My friend AdamThorne has moved to Lost Angeles and he (and his wife) have no room for some of their speakers.

Adam should be chiming in here, but for now I'll post some pictures. The speakers are big and heavy, so shipping won't be economical. That pretty much leaves picking them up. I live in SW Minneapolis, just a short hop from the confluence of 35W and 62. I also make a wonderful cup of coffee.

Demonstration of these speakers is available, but since I don't plan on rearranging my tiny listening room it won't be ideal.



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Hi everybody, please buy my speakers!

The pyramid jobbies are Fostex FE167e based "Metronome" speakers (http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/full-range/85410-metronome.html), built to Planet10 spec. They should have with them an external box with BSC and zobel. They are made of birch veneered pine ply. They are unfinished. The drivers are no longer available, I think, but there are plenty of cool designs around that utilize it. I believe there is a Fonken design for this driver which I always thought would be cool, but never got around to building up. The drivers were I think $65 each back when I bought them. So, you pay $130 for the drivers, get some free boxes with 'em!

The Dahlquists I bought ages ago, and they've been in my basement since I started building my own speakers. :) They are 2-way off a 6 inch and a metal dome tweeter, time aligned. They sold for $750 new, but were only fair for that price. I got them as demo units for $500, and they were pretty good for that. One of the tweeters has a little ding in it. Eventually I learned to pick out the sound of it ringing, so I damped it with a bit of adhesive and it sounded fine to me after that (after learning to hear it I was very sensitive to its sound). Respectable sound for $100! Make a project out of them, give them to your kid, put them in your extra room...

Reasonable offers considered.
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