2014-05-10 11:15 am
I try to explain myself better. often there are topics that branch out into subtopics and deviate from the main topic while remaining in its general scope. when it happens a new topic is opened but in this way it is difficult to know about the existence of the new thread unless it is written by the moderator . for tree structure I mean a Thread in which there are ramifications a bit like it happens for facebook. in fact, in social media, when you want to make a comment to a secondary person, a branching is created. In this way it would all be more orderly, and not all mixed in a single pot.


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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
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I have been participating in forums for 30 years.

....when you want to make a comment to a secondary person, a branching is created. In this way it would all be more orderly, and not all mixed in a single pot.

Compuserve had that over 30 years ago. A tread could be tracked "branched" based on what post was being replied-to. I have seen this in a few other *older* forum platforms.

The thing is: that's not how people really converse. And people don't think about "organization" when they post. "Replies" were frequently not linked to the post they replied to.

Yes, Moderators can Split and Merge threads. But remember that today there are almost no paid moderators anywhere. When we paid $xxx/hour to be on Compuserve, a 'free flag' encouraged me to do some thread management. The first year I even got a shirt. The last year (2004) all I got was grief from management and members about a terrible "new platform". The mods here work for love of the discussions, and "broom work" is a no-fun Chore.

Some structure can be tracked through routine use of the "Quote" function, which has the full link to the parent message (as I have done above). But does anybody do that? Despite reminders from our helpful forum staff --
****** said:
:cop: ...we would appreciate it if you begin to use the quote function when replying to a post. Thanks for your cooperation. :) FYI: Rule #12 - ".... or lack of quote attribution."
-- it is extra work when all we really want to do is jump-in.

So there is a "social" problem here, tracking all the ways people interact in a conversation. Maybe a "Social Media" does that better.

And DIYAudio is NOT your only choice. There are about a dozen very similar forums on different platforms. Look around and try some. Many are newer than the platform DIYAudio is now on (but note DIYAudio plans a platform change "soon"). I just found an unrelated forum on a very new platform which does track 'quote' and 'in reply to' easier/better. They recently had a many-legged discussion about how threads are hard to follow and track, and how people do not look for a related thread but instead start multiple new threads.

For various reasons I avoid FaceBook. However clearly you can participate in a FB discussion group, and I know many people do. (I know, because sometimes people come from FB to other forums looking for better information.)

If you can find a truly better organized discussion platform, please post it here. I'd *really* like to see it. (I don't even care if it is a sewing forum.)


2014-05-10 11:15 am
I didn't want to make a negative criticism.
that it is difficult and tiring to be moderators and organizers of the forum I understand it, this is an important forum from which you can learn many beautiful things and it is my first choice, I am sorry if someone has felt offended by what I wrote.