Forum Incompatibility :)

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I consider that I am suffering from a certain disease - I've searched, bot didn't find any resources on it nor any serious interest by medical persons in any means.

So I decided to invent a new disease - The Forum Incompatibility :D

You see I'm expelled (banned) from all Bulgarian audio forums :trapper:
And I have the symptoms observed yet on another person with the same syndrome - a friend of mine is expelled from all Bulgarian audio forums :D

So that makes two persons suffering from the same disease - the Forum Incompatibility.

That spring we opened our own forum and we called it the Bulgarian for painkiller - and now no one can expel us from our own forum :D

You know the strange thing is that I am and attorney at law and my friend is a surgeon... both with DIY interests completely as a hobby, absolutely no commercial interests in the audio area or whatsoever...
We joined forces with a third friend of ours - an IT speciallyst and made the Painkiller forum :D
And the other strange thing is that my friend has won a national Olympiad in physics and I was the one who helped the teacher in teaching the lessons in physics at school.

Once they expelled me because when I was involved in an argue which is better - tubes or transistors and I brought my Yamaha SS amp to a specialist to get it's parameters - THD - 2nd and 3rd, frequency against amplitude and etc and posted the graphs and then demanded the others who argued to do the same in order their claims to be legible adequate... - got banned the others who argued actually were selling their "own" design tube amps...

Another time in another forum I got banned because in an argue about CD against 192/24 and 96/24 I harmed the interests of an admin who was selling modification services for CD players...
In that I argue I interviewed a friend of mine - sound engineer and visited his studio, another studio in a radio and the national radio... and I refered to those sources and what I saw and what I heard... and got banned :)

The last time was when I recommended 15 inch 60$ Eminence Alpha for OB or an 18 inch 86$ Goldwood... the forum owner happened to be a speaker dreamer builder who happened to offer a $750 garage-built "custom" speakers...

This topic came into mind, because I have read several topics here where someone is offering something with arguable quality at a scandalous price... and not only those people are not tolerated, but there is a sudden and unconditional reaction from all forum members! - Congratulations for that!

Are there any more persons suffering from this newly invented disease? :)

Remark: if someone decides to share his experiences about banning from different forums, please don't point those forums - this is not a thread for crucifixion of some fraudent forums, but only for fun!
Not open for further replies.