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For sales : hi end car amplifier : Luxman CM-20000 (top model)


2002-07-16 12:35 pm
hi, I am completely out of this hobby so I want to get rid of my gorgious amplifier, Luxman top model, CM-20000. It's in very mint condition.

It's rated at 100x2 (4 ohm), 400x1 (4 Ohm), 1600x1 (1 ohm)
S/N : 110db
THD : 0.008%
Frequency Response : 5-100,000 Hz
Damping Factor : 100
Dimension (CM) : 48x76x30
Weight : 9.5kg

Price : USD $2,100 shipped worldwide (by FedEx)

Contact : [email protected]

pictures as link below;
Hi End Amps for sales - DIYMA.com