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For Sale: Shure V15 Type III Cartridge with NEW Ed Saunders Stylus

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Thank you for reading my listing. I am thinning out my collection of vintage, nearly vintage and current production phono cartridges. Please check my other listings for additional cartridges.

Up for sale is a very solid Shure V15 Type III phono cartridge. It includes the original 1970's thick, heavy brown Shure 'display' box and original factory mounting hardware (screws, shims, washers and nuts).

The inside lid of the box reads:

'The Incomparable SUPERTRACKER "Plus" Model V-15 type III Superior Trackability 'Stereo Dynetic' Cartridge'.

The listing includes a new, never used Ed Saunders V15 Type III elliptical stylus. I no longer have the original Shure VN35e stylus so only the Ed Saunders stylus will be included. To further clarify, the replacement stylus has never seen the grooves of a record. I recently purchased the replacement stylus, installed it and placed the cartridge back in the display box. The body of the cartridge has very little use while the stylus is brand new. I will include the Ed Saunders original packaging and information with the sale.

The body has been well cared for and extremely clean. However, there are two small surface scratches where the mounting screws attach the body to the head shell (as shown in the pictures). The scratches are purely aesthetic and do not affect the integrity of the cartridge.

In researching used pricing for this cartridge I found the value varies significantly. Please feel free to make an offer.

I attempted to include pictures with this listing but could not due to an error with a website token. Please email me for high-res pictures.

Asking $200 without new, unused Ed Saunders Shure V15 Type III elliptical stylus


$250 with new, never used Ed Saunders elliptical replacement stylus.

Either option ships USPS Priority Mail, insured at no charge to the buyer. If you prefer other shipping options, please contact me.

I arrived at my asking price after researching SOLD items on eBay, AudiogoN and other audio swap pages. I priced my cartridge at less than the average sold/completed listings on eBay/AudiogoN.

Please feel free to make an offer. I am not interested in trades with the exception of full-range drivers or 8-12" mid-range/woofers suitable for open baffle speaker projects.

I have eBay feedback of 100% with no negatives and a registered business in Illinois with no negative reviews or BBB complaints. If you are concerned with purchasing from someone relatively new to these forums I can provide references, eBay user information and more.

I accept credit cards (via Square over the phone or through my on-line website) or a USPS Money Order. I would greatly prefer to avoid PayPal if at all possible but will accept it provided the buyer covers all associated fees.
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HI Iam, What you think in 120 u$?

Best regards

First off, thank you for the offer. I do know what the average price of used V15 Type III's sell for on other sites and priced my cartridge at less than the historical 3-month (sold listings) average. While I appreciate the offer, I would not be willing to accept it. I have $50 into a new, never used, uninstalled Ed Saunders replacement stylus, the original display box, mounting hardware and cartridge body all in very good to excellent condition with very low hours on the body.

I apologize for the length of my response but I did not want to decline your offer without first providing context as to why and the reasons behind my asking price. If no one is interested in purchasing the cartridge at my asking price, it is likely overpriced and I will adjust it accordingly but for now, I will hold out for closer to my asking price.

Thank you again and good luck in your search.

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Darren could you post pics?

I tried adding pictures when I originally listed the cartridge. Unfortunately, the website threw an error code related to an expired security token. The error was not on my end from what I could tell. I tried again this afternoon without success. If you (or anyone else) would like pictures, please PM me with your email address and I will send high-res photos to you.

I do not have DropBox and my Google Drive is nearly full. I will clear out some room on my Google Drive tomorrow and post links to the original .RAW and FINE .JPG files.

Thank you,

one of the best carts ever made, in my humble opinion. GLWS.

Agreed. I have the Mx95 or what ever the cartridge nomenclature is and I like that as well. I honestly think the V15 Type III is a better sounding cart than many of my other, higher priced cartridges and I actually preferred it to several LOMC carts like my Benz Micro Glider. I realize that puts me a minority opinion but if I could have but 1 cartridge I think it would be the Shure V15 Type III.

As for the stylus, I have owned Shure branded needles including the MR and elliptical variants and without a bit of reservation can say that my other V15 with Ed Saunders elliptical stylus sounds every bit as good as the elliptical supplied by Shure if not better. I have no experience with Jico or other replacements found on eBay or Needle Doctor so I cannot verify their sound quality. I do not think I would trust a $15 replacement eBay stylus on my V15 let alone my records. I believe the Ed Saunders replacement stylus is simply crazy good at price let alone the paltry $50 he charges.

Thank you,

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