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For Sale - Original, Clean Marantz 250-M Power Amplifier - Needs Repair -

Marantz 250M Power Amplifier. Amplifier is in need of repair. Powers up but no sound when attached to a working Marantz 3600 per-amp. Exterior is very nice with only two minor blemishes as seen in the pictures. Silk screening still looks nearly perfect on the face plate. Missing one face plate screw. I'm not an expert on vintage Marantz amps but it appears to be a very original unit. The amp was working when place in storage 5 years ago. It could be something simple or more serious but I've priced the amp accordingly if the buyer decides to have the amp fully restored. I'm glad to answer any questions about the amp and test any item that can be tested with a multi-miter.

Amp is on eBay at 495.00 + shipping with no reserve. See eBay auction link for more pictures - eBay Auction

Thanks, Rick


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