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For sale or trade 2SK389V


2005-09-02 11:15 am

I offer for trade 6PC 2SK389V for 4PC 2SJ109BL!:)
These are guaranteed orig Toshiba .
I have a need for 4PC 2SJ109BL to set up my Aleph X with JFet driver.
In case if I will not get any offer I would like to sale all my 2SK389V (8PC all together)
I would like to sale all of it to one person because the shipping cost is not cheap.
$13/each or $12 if you take all of it , plus shipping and pay pal fee. Price is firm sorry I paid more for those JFets!

Cheers gabor


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2005-09-02 11:15 am
Hello Ticknpop
I just came home from the post office. With tracking number it would be $9.
Registered mail same price.
I can send in a simple envelop (no insurance, tracking # or signature req) but in that case I would be not responsible if the package get lost etc.
Please let me know what do I do , I think a bit expensive the postage.