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For Sale: Infinity QE's (MINT) with EMIT


2002-04-04 8:27 pm
"ATTENTION INFINITY LOVERS/COLLECTORS" You will not find a cleaner pair of Qe's. These are 2 way with an 8" rubber surround woofer & the famous Emit tweeter. Fuse protected tweeter. Never driven hard. If you have a set of Mains that have EMIT's and are looking for a great set of rears (YOU HAVE FOUND THEM!!!) When I say they are in Like New Condition this means not only in appearance but sound also. You will be very happy with these little beauties! I have recently upgraded my system and since I have three additional pair of Infinity’s that I am not currently using, my wife suggested that I part with at least one pair. Frequency Response: 47hz to 32,000. Email me with any questions or check them out on EBay (Pics available)

Thanks, Bob